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Extract from Simply Toogood

... Every morning throughout his summer school holidays 8-year-old Peter Toogood plays golf at Kings ton Beach. Every time he plays he expects to record a lower score than the time before. On this day, the last of school holidays, the young Toogood commences his round determined to record his best holiday score.

Approaching the 7th tee Peter notices the club secretary Richard Moser walking his collie dog. Alf Toogood’s employment as club professional entitles his family to occupy a cottage on the golf course. Moser knows the boy well and nods in acknowledgment when Peter says ‘Good morning Mr Moser’. He waits as Peter prepares to play his shot.

Alf Toogood made Peter’s first golf clubs when he learned to walk and taught him the fundamentals of golf. At eight he already understands the game well and is a good ball striker. Nevertheless, what Moser was about to witness could not have been expected. The 7th hole at Kingston Beach, a par 3 of 100 metres (110 yards), does not present the regular golfer with much difficulty. One would normally expect a comfortable regulation par 3 or even a birdie 2. But in 1939 long grasses and swamp surrounded the green. To ensure a 3 or better, one had to carry the ball all the way to the green.

Unconcerned by Moser’s presence, Peter selects his hickory-shafted three iron, aligns himself as his father taught him, checks his now conventional grip and swings the club. The ball lands on the green 20 feet from the hole and rolls in. Hole-in-one! Toogood is delighted. Moser is speechless.

Young master Toogood completes his round, runs home and excitedly announces his achievement to his father Alf. ‘Well done,’ responds Alf. Wanting the boy to keep the achievement in perspective, he adds, ‘But don’t let it go to your head, son. There’s a lot more to golf than the occasional hole-in-one!’ Peter remembers this advice throughout his career. And the ‘occasional’ hole-in-one comes his way – on 11 occasions in all!

Richard Moser quickly spreads word of Toogood’s hole-in-one. Newspapers report the feat throughout Tasmania and on the mainland. The Guinness Book of Records is notified and Toogood is listed as the youngest person in the world to make a hole-in-one, a record he holds for more than 20 years. For the second time in his young life newspapers report a Peter Toogood golfing achievement. It will not be the last.


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